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Top 10 Sights of Norway

If you are planning a trip to Norway it can be handy to know which sights are the best.

So here is a run through of the top 10 sights of Norway.

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geiranger_view1) The Norwegian Fjords

Most people will think of Norway and think of fjords.

It is hard to pick just one of the many famous fjords in Norway, as there are so many truly spectacular ones to choose from.


The most famous one is arguably the Geirangerfjord, where tall mountains covered in luscious greens tower above the fjord.


Most of the famous fjords are located on the western coast of Norway, between Bergen and Aalesund, so is easily experienced either on a Hurtigruten cruise, a self-drive holiday or a fjord cruise.


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north_cape2) North Cape – 71 Degrees North

The northernmost mainland point in Europe, where the next stop is the North Pole, the North Cape is a milestone for many visitors to Norway.


At the North Cape plateau visitors can feel on top of the world, get a certificate for having been at 71 degrees north, and take in the spectacular views of the Arctic seas and the midnight sun in the summer.


North Cape is located not far from the northernmost city in the world (although disputed), Honningsvaag, well within the Arctic Circle and therefore also in prime northern lights territory in wintertime.


Many cruises to Norway will travel into the Arctic Circle and all the way up to the North Cape, but you can also visit the North Cape plateau whilst on a Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes.


aurland3) Flaam Railway

Not far from Bergen, at the end of the Aurlandsfjord, you find the small village of Flaam.


From here you can join one of the world’s most spectacular railway journeys, the 20km climb from Flaam up the mountains to Myrdal.


This railway is among the steepest in the world, and the journey has won many awards for its beauty and scenery.


You will experience wild nature, ravines, waterfalls, farms nestled on the mountainsides and towering, snow-capped mountains.


The railway is part of many package holidays on offer, including the Norway Complete holiday, but can also be taken as a day trip from Bergen, or as a detour from the train journey from Oslo to Bergen.


reine-lofoten24) Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are a spectacular sight and are not to be missed by visitors to Norway.


This archipelago of mountainous islands is located well within the Arctic Circle, and offers spectacular nature and history. Rugged mountains, white sand beaches, tranquil villages and row upon row of stockfish are some of the sights you can expect here.


Most people visit the Lofoten Islands for some Arctic island hopping, staying in traditional fishermen’s cottages engaging in activities such as cycling, hiking, kayaking and fishing.


In winter time Lofoten is a great place to experience the northern lights, and in summer the islands have the midnight sun from late May until mid-July.


The area is also one of the best places in the world for whale safaris as well as for spotting sea birds such as the majestic Sea Eagle.


To see the Lofoten Islands, you can travel on a Hurtigruten cruise or plan and book your own family adventure.


bryggen_in_bergen5) Bryggen in Bergen

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old Hanseatic port area, Bryggen, in Bergen is a must see for any visitor.


The colourful old port houses were the hub of trade and exports for 400 years during the time of the Hanseatic League which dominated trade in Northern Europe.


Nowadays, the houses have been turned into museums, artists’ workshops and cafes where people can stroll around and take in the history and the unique ambience.

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Vigeland_Sculpture_Park_Oslo6) The Vigeland Sculpture Park

In the middle of Oslo you’ll find the spectacular Vigeland sculpture park, which is the home of the life’s work of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland.


Entry is free, and the park is open all year. In summer, the park is buzzing with people enjoying the weather, walking their dogs, playing football and enjoying the more than 200 sculptures on display here.


The most iconic sight in the park is the 17 metre tall Monolith, which consists of 121 naked bodies carved out in on single piece of granite rock.


Another favourite is the small bronze sculpture named “Sinnataggen” (the angry boy), which would be easily missed if it weren’t for the many people paying him a visit on the bridge in the park.


nidaros_cathedral7) Nidaros Cathedral

The Nidaros cathedral in the Viking capital of Trondheim, is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and is not to be missed if you are visiting Trondheim either on the Hurtigruten or on a short-break.


The church is regarded as Norway’s national shrine and during the summer the crown jewels are on display here.


The church was built in 1070, and features intricate stone carvings of royal statues as well as colourful strained glass windows.


girl_with_king_crab8) Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Not many visitors make it all the way north and east to Kirkenes, the town located in Finnmark at the border between Russia and Norway.


But if you do travel on a Hurtigruten cruise to Kirkenes you will not be disappointed.


The small town boasts rich Sami culture and opportunities to go King Crab fishing, but most of all you will have the chance to visit the spectacular Snow Hotel.


The hotel is made entirely out of snow and ice, and is open during the winter season. The area is also one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights between October and April.


Guests braving the idea of sleeping in the Snow Suites, wrapped up in sleeping bags and reindeer skins can warm up in the lakeside sauna in the morning.


Nordlys_over_Ersfjorden9) Tromso - Paris of the North

Tromso is also named the Gateway to the Arctic, and has been the starting point for most of the famous polar expeditions.


Despite being located well within the cold Arctic Circle, the city has a warm and lively feel, with plenty of bars and restaurants,  festivals and concerts all year round.


Tromso is also one of the best and most popular places to go on a northern lights holiday, and there are plenty of northern lights related activities on offer in wintertime, including snowmobiling, Aurora hunting and dog sledding.


In summer, the town is visited by many cruise ships on their way to the North Cape, and the town experience midnight sun from mid-May until the end of July.

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To get to Tromso you can travel on one of the many package deals to Tromso on offer from Nordic Visitor, join a Hurtigruten cruise or travel on one of the many international cruise ships that visit the city.


View_over_Oslo10) Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Norway is the birthplace for cross-country skiing and ski jumping, and Oslo has one of the most impressive ski jump arenas in the world.


Just outside of town, a brand new ski jump was built for the Skiing World Championships in February 2011.


You can visit the ski jump as well as the Norwegian ski museum by taking the tram from central Oslo up to the Marka forest.


You’ll have excellent views of the city, and really understand why the Norwegians enjoy having “nature on their doorstep”.


The area also boasts a great free toboggan run, as well as miles and miles of cross country skiing trails and hiking paths, all just 15 minutes from central Oslo.


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Those that nearly made the list:

pulpit-rock-stavangerPulpit Rock

The Pulpit Rock, which towers tall above the beautiful Lysefjord near Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, is one of the most iconic sights in Norway.


This bizarre rock formation towers nearly 2000ft above sea level and is a popular hiking spot for tourists and locals alike.


Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Located in the Jostedalsbreen National Park, the glacier is the largest glacier in mainland Europe.


It measures 432 sq kilometres and reaches a whopping 1000 metres in height, and boasts impressive frozen waterfalls and spectacular views of the fjords below.


Join a guided glacier walk or ski tour of the glacier or just take in the impressive views before visiting the Jostedal Glacier Centre and Museum.

Jostedalsbreen is located above the massive Sognefjord, about 6 hours scenic drive from Bergen.


Akershus Fortress

The Akershus Fortress in central Oslo is not to be missed if you are in the capital.


This 14th century castle is located at a strategic portside point in Oslo, and is still a working military area, although now open to tourists as well.


Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum in Bygdoy in Oslo is a great place to go on a gray or rainy day.


The museum displays the impressive, large Viking ships Oseberg, Tune and Gokstad, as well as various other findings from Viking burial grounds.


The three ships on display are the best preserved Viking ships in the world, and were all found in royal burial grounds around the Oslo fjord.


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