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Hurtigruten minute by minute

The tv programme following Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes has been named the world´s longest documentary by Guinness book of world records.

The over 134 hour long documentary proved incredibly popular with viewers all over Norway and abroad.

Videos of Hurtigruten

journey A total of 11 cameras were placed onboard the MS Nordnorge to follow the ship minute by minute on its long voyage along the stunning Norwegian coastline.

The programme was shown non-stop on the national broadcaster, NRKs, NRK3 channel.

Celebrations along the way

Night and day the cameras rolled, as the ship passed famous landmarks such as the Geiranger fjord, Lofoten and the North Cape.

Everywhere locals met up to welcome the ship with flags, music and cheers.

Afterwards, the whole documentary has been made available on NRKs website available for streaming.

Popular Norwegian Cruise

In the days during and after the broadcast which started on the 16th June 2011, the Hurtigruten website crashed several times due to large numbers of people wanting to book a cruise after having seen the magnificent voyage on TV.


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