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What to do in Lofoten – Lofoten Activities

Lofoten_woman_with_fishThere is so much do to in Lofoten, from rock climbing to bird watching, fishing and skiing, that there really is something for everyone and every budget.

In the winter, the northern lights will make those long nights magical, and in the summer the midnight sun will let you explore the amazing nature 24hrs a day.

Find your perfect package deal to the Lofoten Islands from Nordic Visitor.


Read more about what to see in Lofoten.


All Year Round Lofoten Activities

Fishing in Lofoten

All year round, fishing takes centre stage in Lofoten, and most fishermen´s huts and cabins offer equipment rental and sea fishing trips so you can catch your dinner yourself.

Find fishermen's huts in Lofoten.


Head to the stockfish museum in Å to learn more about Norway´s first export, and the fishing traditions which have survived for thousands of years.

Boat Trips and Fishing Excursions Providers in Lofoten:

Bird and Whale Watching

Bird and whale watching safaris take place all year, and is a popular activity for many visitors.


Team up with a visit to the Ocean Sounds research centre in Henningsvaer to learn more about whales.

Other whale and bird safari providers:

  • Ocra Lofoten/Go Arctic - Fishing trips, sea bird and whale safaris, snorkelling and more. In Kabelvaag.
  • Lofoten Adventure - Whales, birds, northern lights, fishing safaris and more. Tel: (+47) 76 07 50 01
  • Whalesafari AS - Whale safaris with a guarantee!. In Andenes.

Art Galleries in Lofoten

The amazing scenery and extreme weather has long attracted artists and painters to Lofoten.


The area has many great little art galleries showcasing paintings, photography, glass, ceramics and textiles, and is a great option on a stormy day.


Summer Activities in Lofoten

In summer, Lofoten is a mecca for active families. Fishing, rock climbing, kayaking and hiking doesn´t come better than here.

Cycling in Lofoten

Hiring a bike and taking in the scenery in your own pace is a great way to see the islands, explore the many hidden beaches and coves off the beaten track.

Kayaking in Lofoten

A guided day trip or overnight excursion in a sea kayak from Kabelvaag is a great way to get up close and personal with the amazing nature and the sea.


Birds, whales and secret beaches as well as a bit of adventure.


Lofoten Kajakk arranges cycling trips, kayak excursions, offers equipment hire and much much more.

Surfing and Diving in Lofoten

Lofoten is one of the best surf spots in Norway, and one of the world´s northernmost.


And with mountains and midnight sun as a perfect backdrop, Lofoten surfing will not be easily forgotten.

It can be a bit nippy though...


Diving is also popular. Head to Aqua Lofoten in Nusfjord.

The Viking Museum

The Lofotr Viking Museum near Borg is a great day out for history buffs and children.


The museum boasts a restored Longhouse found on the site, which is the largest in the world.

Golf in the Midnight Sun

If golfing is your thing, make sure you head to Gimsoy and the Lofoten Golf Course.


It has been named one of the most inspiring golf courses in the world, and in summer your can enjoy 24hr golfing as the midnight sun allows for every golfers dream – Midnight Tee Off.


Winter Activities in Lofoten

With the Lofot fishing season stretching from January to April, the Islands are as busy as ever.


Make sure you see the hanging of the stockfish, which is pretty hard to miss really, considering 400,000sq meters of Lofoten is covered in stockfish by the end of April.

Northern Lights in Lofoten

Lofoten is also a great place to experience the northern lights. Head to the Lofoten Polarlightcenter in Laukvik where you can book guided tours and learn more about the phenomenon.


Because of the absence of any large cities or towns, there is little light pollution making the “tricky lady” easier to spot.


Joanna Lumley saw the northern lights for the first time when she visited Lofoten as part of the BBC documentary. Watch clips.


Read our northern lights guides for more tips and info about watching the northern lights in Norway.

Lofoten Adventure offers northern lights guided tours.

Skiing in Lofoten

The rugged and wild mountains of Lofoten makes the area a much favoured spot for extreme winter sports.


Many extreme sports films and photo shoots have been shot in the mountains here, because of the unusual combination of ocean and mountains in so close proximity.


But there are also options for less extreme skiers – a cross country skiing trip through a tranquil valley can be a memorable experience.


If you want to have a go, Svolvaer is the best place to start out from. Here you can rent equipment, book a guide, or have a go in the alpine centre.

Lofoten Kajakk in Kabelvaag offers snow shoe excursions, guided skiing trips and equipment hire.