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Lofoten Islands Accommodation

Lofoten_fishermens_cottagesIn Lofoten you have a wide range of accommodation options, from hotels to campsites, fishermen´s huts or bed & breakfasts.

Most people visiting Lofoten will end up staying in a Fisherman's Hut, or Rorbu, which is the old cabins fishermen used to stay in during the Lofot fishing season.


Nowadays, there are plenty of providers available, from basic self-catering huts to luxury cabins with private outdoor jacuzzis and your own boat.


Most people will opt for self-catering, enabling you to catch and prepare your own dinner, but there are also options for those who like to have their meals prepared and served on a plate.

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Fishermen's Cabins in Lofoten

You will find great fishermen's huts available all along the coast of the Lofoten Islands.


In the olden days these huts, or Rorbuer as they are known, provided a roof to sleep under for fishermen taking part in the Lofot fishing season.

Read more about Lofoten.


Nowadays the huts have been upgraded to accommodate the increasing stream of both Norwegian and foreign tourists wanting a holiday a little out of the ordinary.


Prices start at around 600NOK per night for self catering accommodation in a 2-bedroom hut (4-6 people sharing), making it a reasonable alternative to many hotels.


Bedding and towels often come at a small extra fee.


It is advised you book well in advance, especially during the busy summer months from June to August.


Here are a few good ones to start off your search:

On the "Lofoten Riviera":

- Svinoya Rorbuer in Svolvaer. The perfect base camp for climbers

- Henningsvaer Rorbuer in Henningsvaer

Further out in Lofoten:

- Eliassen Rorbuer on Hamnoy, where cabins will be newly renovated to the summer 2010 season

- Reine Rorbuer, in the cozy village of Reine


Hotels in Lofoten

There are a couple of good hotels in Svolvaer, which can be a good option if you´re not a fan of the basic, self-catering fishermen´s cabins option.


Many of the hotels also offer fishermen´s cottages, which can be a good option for many wanting the comfort and ease of a hotel, but still want to sample the traditional Lofot way of life.


Compare prices and book hotels and rorbus in Lofoten.


Camping in Lofoten

Camping in Lofoten is a much favoured way to experience the islands in the summer months.


Being able to travel from island to island either by car or by bike, and stop wherever and whenever you want is a great way to take in the region.


There are a few good campsites in Lofoten, but many opt for camping in the wild, which is free in Norway and completely acceptable, as long as you follow a few simple rules. Find out more about camping regulations in Norway.