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Lofoten Islands Holidays

Lofoten_seagulls_and_fishingboatThe Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway is an excellent holiday destination for families, friends, couples and single travellers.

Many providers offer package tours to the Lofoten Islands, and costs vary on what’s included; the length of stay, activities, accommodation and flights. Read more about package Lofoten trips and tours.

It is also easier than you might think to plan and book your own Lofoten adventure holiday, and you could end up saving hundreds of pounds in the process. Read more about planning your own Lofoten holiday.


Which option is best for you depends on how much you would like to arrange yourself, and how specific your requirements are – and of course – the all important budget. Whatever budget and means of travel – the Lofoten Islands will not disappoint.


Package Holidays to Lofoten

There are several great holiday offers to the Lofoten Islands, if you want midnight sun or northern lights.


Year-round, the Hurtigruten ships go through Lofoten on a daily basis, and more and more international cruise ships find their way to this Arctic pearl. Find cruises to Lofoten.


Summer Holidays in Lofoten

Nordic Visitor offers a great package deal to Lofoten from 15 May until 15 September. After a day spent sightseeing in the Norwegian capital Oslo, you fly to Bodo where a rental car is waiting for you.


Spend a week exploring these magical islands, staying in fishermen's huts and enjoying excursions such as a bike and hike tour of Lofoten and a very special whale safari, all included in the package price.


Read more about the Lofoten in all its dignity package.


The famous Hurtigruten also passes Lofoten on its journey along the Norwegian coast, and is a great way to explore the islands. There are loads of great deals available year round.


Check out Hurtigruten for deals on this famous cruise including the Lofoten Islands.


Winter Holidays in Lofoten

Lofoten is a great place to see the northern lights, and there are some amazing packages on offer in the wintertime.

Check out some of the many northern lights holidays on offer.


Hurtigruten is also a good option for visiting Lofoten in wintertime, read more about Hurtigruten northern lights holidays

Independent Travel to Lofoten

Creating your very own tailor made holiday to Lofoten is easy and straightforward. Follow our step by step guide to putting together your perfect holiday in Lofoten.


Travelling independently in Norway is very easy. Nearly everyone you meet will speak remarkably good English, and most will be friendly and helpful.


Guides, brochures and timetables are normally available in English too, which makes getting from A to B a lot easier.


Most of your trip can be planned and booked online without even leaving your comfy armchair, just follow our step by step guide.


Children, Scams and Prams

You don’t have to worry about tourist scams and hoaxes, although buying that well earned pint after a day of hiking may feel like daylight robbery.


Norway is also a very child friendly country to travel in, so there is no need for special child friendly package deals when booking a holiday to the Lofoten Islands.


Children are very welcome nearly everywhere in Norway, and often special attention has been made to accommodate kids both in restaurants, hotels, on cruises and regarding activities.


Accessibility is also good most places, so prams and wheelchairs are not a problem, but to be on the safe side, ask before you book.


Lofoten on the Cheap

Many people are wary of travelling to Norway because of its reputation for being an expensive holiday destination.


But a week in the north doesn’t have to break the bank balance. Lofoten is actually one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Norway, mostly due to the focus on self catering and the abundance of great, free activities on offer.


Look at our top ten tips for Lofoten holidays on a shoestring to make the most of your holiday without emptying your pockets.



*Prices may be subject to change.