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Midnight Sun in Norway

Ishavskatedralen_MidnattsolImagine sitting up all night on a white sand beach eating fresh prawns, basking in the sun. In Northern Norway this is possible most of the summer.

The midnight sun is visible above the Arctic Circle in Norway from approximately 11 June to 1 July and the further north you go, the longer it lasts.


In the summer months hundreds of cruise ships from all over the world head to the Northern Norwegian coast, where the sun does not set for months.


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Sleepless Nights

Many people are a little concerned at the thought of 24 hour daylight, thinking sleeping will be hard, if not impossible.


And, yes, for some sleeping becomes a problem, but that is mostly because of all the stunning nature and scenery on offer.


Imagine a midnight BBQ or a hiking trip in the mountains – in the Northern Norwegian summer it is possible to stay active all through the day and night exploring and taking in the amazing surroundings.


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Where and When to See the Midnight Sun

Everywhere above the Arctic Circle gets midnight sun in the summer months, around summer solstice.


At the Arctic Circle line the midnight sun is visible from about 11 June until 1 July, and the period gets longer the further north you go.


In Tromso the polar day season lasts from about 20 May until 22 July, and on the North Cape from 14 May until 29 July.

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Midnight Sun Holidays

Summer is a magical time to visit Northern Norway.


Sipping a glass of white wine on deck of one of the famous Hurtigruten ships on its way North to Kirkenes is a much favoured way to enjoy the midnight sun. Browse Hurtigruten holidays.


Cycling through the stunning Lofoten Islands, camping on the white sand beaches and enjoying late night fishing trips is another popular midnight sun holiday option. FInd holidays in Lofoten.


Tromso, the Paris of the North, also comes to life during the midnight sun period. Enjoy a pint alfresco in one of the many bars in the city, and remember to bring your sunglasses.