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What is the Midnight Sun?

midnightsun12The midnight sun happens in areas close to the poles in the time around summer solstice, when the sun remains visible 24 hours a day.

The midnight sun is often also called a polar day and happens as a result of the earth´s slightly tilted axis.


Why the Sun does not Set

As the earth orbits around the sun, the tilt of the earth makes the north pole face towards the sun in the summer, and away from it in the winter.


This creates darkness in the winter, but complete daylight in the summer. On the poles the sun shines 24 hours half the year, and not at all the other half.


Areas close to the poles experience some of this, although the closer you get to the equator the closer you get to 12 hour day, 12 hour nigh, which is what you have there all year round.


Why Travel to Northern Norway for Midnight Sun

You can see the midnight sun south of the Antarctic circle too, during the winter months (which is summer down there).


But because there are no permanent human settlements that far south, it is more common and a lot easier to experience the midnight sun in the northern hemisphere.


The midnight sun shines from approximately 11 June until 1 July above the Arctic Circle, and longer the further north you go.

Find out the exact dates for midnight sun in different places in Norway.


Countries that have populated areas within the Arctic Circle include, Norway, Denmark (Greenland), Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA (Alaska) and Russia.


You can also see the midnight sun in Iceland, even if most of the country is not above the Arctic Circle, but close enough.


Norway is probably the best, most scenic and popular destination for midnight sun holidays, because of its beautiful fjords, mountains and stunning coastline.


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