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When and Where to See the Midnight Sun

Midnattsol_FjellheisenThe midnight sun is visible above the Arctic Circle between 11 June and 1 July every year.

The period increases the further north you go, and if you would go all the way to the North Pole you will find that the sun only ever rises and sets once every year – at each solstice.


At the poles there are 6 months of daylight in the summer, and 6 months of night in the winter.


Read more about what the midnight sun is.


Northern Norway Midnight Sun Dates

Below is an estimate of when and where you can experience the magical midnight sun in Norway.



The Arctic Circle 12 June – 1 July
Bodo 4 June – 8 July
Svolvaer 28 May – 14 July
Harstad 25 May – 18 July
Bardufoss 23 May – 19 July
Andenes 22 May – 21 July
Tromso 20 May – 22 July
Vardo 17 May – 26 July
Hammerfest 16 May – 27 July
The North Cape 14 May – 29 July
Spitzbergen (Longyearbyen) 20 April – 22 August
















Days before and after the dates shown will also be light, although in most cases you cannot see the actual sun.


Northern Lights in Norway

During the midnight sun period it is impossible to see the northern lights, simply because it is too bright.


To see the northern lights you have to visit Norway in the darker period of the year. Read more about when to see the northern lights.