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Latest stories and blurbs about travelling in Norway

In this bloggy news section of iGlobeTrotter you will find short updates, blog posts and news features about travelling in Norway.

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This is the not-so-serious part of iGlobeTrotter - written all by Anette - about things Anette cares about. All views are my own, but then again nearly everything on iGlobeTrotter.com are my own. So there you have it.


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Amazing northern lights video from Tromso
Written by Anette   
Friday, 21 September 2012 13:29

Northern lights video from 2012

I found this great northern lights video, filmed in Tromso just a couple of days ago by Kai-Marius Pettersen.

It really proves the northern lights season has started properly already! And what a season it looks set out to be if this is just the start of it!?


Have a look around my site to find loads more info about how you can go see the Aurora Borealis too. It really is one of the "must-see" things in this world!


My first real Northern Lights film from Kai-Marius Pedersen on Vimeo.

Polar bear and walrus fight in Spitsbergen
Written by Anette   
Tuesday, 08 May 2012 09:44

I came across these great pictures in the Norwegian papers today - they are what you can safely call "Kodak moments".

Two giant polar bears picking a fight with a huge walrus in Spitsbergen.


See the pictures here.

The pictures were taken by local Svalbard tour guide Jon Sandmo on a trip to his cabin near Svea. He told the papers that seeing polar bears is quite common for him, but fighting a walrus - not so much.


He told NRK: "It was an experience just to watch - and I had to really concentrate to get the photos. I have never seen a confrontation between polar bears and walruses before."


Polar bears are the largest bears in the world, and also the biggest land carnivore. But even these two giants would be no match for a walrus weighing about 1,000kg!


The photos are pretty amazing - you can see them here.


Amazing northern lights time lapse and music video
Written by Anette   
Thursday, 03 May 2012 11:28

For my first ever iGlobeTrotter blog post I decided to share my favorite time-lapse video of northern lights. It is truly amazing!


Created by Norwegian cameraman and editor Tor Even Mathisen this video follows on from another beautiful northern lights video he created last year. His videos have gone around the world, been recommended by NASA and rightfully so.


If you haven´t seen it already - I strongly suggest you do now!


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