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Northern Lights Activities

Jakten_NordlysetCombining northern lights hunting with a fun and exciting activity will guarantee a great night – even if the northern lights don´t make an appearance.

Find and book your perfect northern lights package.

It is in fact the best advice one can give someone planning a northern lights trip to a place like Tromso or elsewhere in Northern Norway.


The unreliability of the northern lights makes it smart to ´plan for the worst´ to avoid disappointment. Most will actually realise that the many exotic activities on offer in Northern Norway are even more special than the northern lights.


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Northern Lights Hunting

Chasing the northern lights with a guide gives you a greater chance of seeing the Aurora than if you´re just out and about by yourself.


It can also be an interesting way to learn more about the phenomena, especially if you take an interest in photography.


Many of the guides offer rental of professional photographic equipment which you can capture the northern lights with. Remember – you cannot use a normal camera!


Joanna Lumley used a guide when she was in Northern Norway, and was rewarded with an amazing display for the documentary, Joanna Lumley in the land of the Northern Lights.


Activities with a Northern Lights Bonus

There are plenty of activities where the northern lights are not the main attraction, yet tends to show up, adding an extra layer of magical excitement.


You can choose between everything from Husky dog sleighing to snowmobile excursions in the mountains.


Most will supply you with proper clothing to keep you nice and warm whilst staying out in the cold, and many offer a warming local or sami meal at the end.


There is nothing like the snug feeling of lying inside a sleigh with loads of warming reindeer skins, looking up at the northern lights whilst seven huskies pull you through the quiet white landscape.


Suggested Activities in the Tromso area

  • Husky dog sledding – Tromso Villmarkssenter: Phone +47 77 69 60 02
  • Reindeer sledding - Tromso Friluftsenter: Phone: +47. 90 01 78 81
  • Cross country ski and snowshoe hire – Tromso Natur og Fritid: Phone +47 77 65 66 79
  • Northern Lights Hunting (Joanna Lumley’s guide) - Kjetil Skogli, Aurora Photo: Phone: +47 90 73 75 52
  • Dog sledding tours - Arctic Adventure Tours: Phone +47 77 66 66 75
  • Ice fishing and snowmobile excursions - Ramfjord Camping; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it : Phone +47 77 69 21 30
  • Arctic sea fishing - Arctic Fishing Adventures: Phone: +47 94 86 09 41
  • Local cuisine and northern lights hunting - Guide Gunnar: Phone +47 934 43 443
  • Traditional horse drawn sleigh rides - Holmeslet Farm: Phone +47 77 61 99 74
  • Aurora adventures, hunting, fishing and ice fishing - Kaafjord Tursenter: Phone +47 46 89 95 69
  • Excursions by reindeer, dog sledge, and snowmobile – Lyngsfjord Adventure: Phone +47 77 71 55 88
  • Northern Lights tours, ski tours, ice fishing and wilderness - Natur i Nord: Phone +47 77 66 73 66

Please remember to mention you found them through iGlobeTrotter.com when booking.

If you have any questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will do my best to help you.


The Budget Option

Being short of cash won´t ruin your northern lights experience.


Thankfully, nobody has yet come up with a way of charging people to look at the sky, which means northern lights watching need not cost you a penny.


A good, cheap, and definitely fun way to get active whilst waiting for the northern lights is to go cross country skiing or simply play in the snow like a child. You will be surprised to experience there´s no age limit on getting excited about snow.


Cross Country Skiing

A cheap way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors is to have a stab at cross country skiing.


Many sports shops or ski centres will have cross country skis available for hire, often at quite an agreeable price.


As cross country skiing is seen as the ´jogging of the winter´as well as a means of transportation in the North of Norway, most places will have lit and well prepped paths open for all – absolutely free!


Toning your bum whilst gazing at the northern lights is definitely no bad way to exercise – and it doesn´t have to be too strenuous.


Snow Games

Snowmen, sliding on plastic bags, snowball fights and caves, the possibilities are endless and most importantly – FREE.


Go to a park or a hill and bring out the child in you whilst waiting for the northern light to appear.


Making angels in the snow don´t come with age restrictions and is the perfect position to take in the dancing waves of light in the sky.

Find and book your perfect northern lights package.


Cant find a holiday with all the activities you want? Just fill in the customised booking form from Nordic Visitor and they will help you with your booking!