Northern Lights Cruise Shortbreak in Tromso

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Duration: 5 days/4 nights

Prices start from: £929 (guide price only)

Season: December – March

Operator: Page&Moy.

What´s Included?

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More about the trip:

Tromso is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. This 5 day break takes you to Tromso, and onwards for a 3 day cruise on the famous Hurtigruten. You´ll have the chance to visit the northernmost point in Europe, the North Cape, race a snowmobile across icy landscapes but most of all - see the northern lights in all its glory!


Day 1: Heading to the Arctic - Northern Lights Cruise

Fly to Tromso (flights included) from London, and get ready to board the northbound Hurtigruten ship in the evening. The cruise will take you on a 3-day journey towards the border with Russia and the small city of Kirkenes.


Hurtigruten is a Norwegian institution, with ships sailing between Bergen and Kirkenes on a daily basis. The ships are the perfect place to spot the northern lights, as out at sea there is very little light pollution. Not just that, should the Aurora dance across the skies in the middle of dinner, it will be announced over the loud speakers, and then everyone will spill out form the restaurants and out on deck to watch the display. All completely normal.

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Day 2: The North Cape

After staying up late awing at the northern lights, a few extra hours in bed is probably in order. However, if you´re up bright an early, you´ll see the city of Hammerfest which is Hurtigruten´s first port of call this day. Or how about a morning dip in the jacuzzi on the top deck (depending on ship) – it might be minus 10 in the air, but the hot tub will be nice and toasty!


Mid-morning the ship docks in Honningsvaag, where you can chose to go on the North Cape excursion. Standing on top the 1,000ft cliff that is the most northern point in Europe, looking out at sea knowing there´s nothing but sea between you and the North Pole – how can you not feel on top of the world?


Spend the evening on the ship, sampling local delicacies from the buffet style restaurant onboard, and relax on deck under skies of dancing northern lights wrapped in a blanket.

Day 3: Snowmobiling at The Russian Border

Kirkenes is the last small city before you get to Russia. Tucked away in the most remote corner of Norway, surrounded by snow and ice, what better way to explore the area than on a snowmobile?


If speed and action is not your thing, why not visit the Snow Hotel – which is made entirely out of snow, or try your hand at king crab fishing before boarding the ship again to start your journey South back to Tromso.

Day 4: Fjords and Remote Living

The ship has travelled west and south all night whilst you have been sleeping – or more likely – sat on deck watching the northern lights from the hot tub.

The ship calls once again in Hammerfest, and then hugs the coastline, past the most remote villages and islands before docking in Tromso in the late afternoon.


In Tromso you will be transferred to your hotel for your final night, and you will have the chance to sample some of Tromso´s restaurants and nightlife in the evening.


Remember to look out for those northern lights!

Day 5: Morning in Tromso and Then Home

You have a few hours to explore Tromso at your own leisure before it is time to head to the airport and the flight back to the UK.


Stroll through the main street, visit the town square market for some local souvenirs, see the Arctic Cathedral or take the cable car up on the mountain for excellent views of the islands and mountains. A visit to the Polaria museum with its resident seals is also recommended.

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Departure Dates and Prices*

8 Dec 2010 £799pp
14 Jan 2011 £849pp
18 Jan 2011 £849pp
2 Feb 2011 £869pp
27 Feb 2011 £869pp
7 Mar 2011 £899pp
23 Mar 2011 £899pp
25 Mar 2011 £899pp


*Prices based on two people sharing and may be subject to change and are subject to availability. Please see Page&Moy for details.


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What´s Included?

  • Return scheduled flights to Tromsø
  • Three night cruise aboard your Hurtigruten ship
  • One night bed and breakfast hotel accommodation in Tromsø
  • Your choice of inside or outside cabin
  • Half board on ship
  • Cruise itinerary as specified
  • All port taxes and security charges

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