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Nordlys_over_ErsfjordenPlanning and booking your perfect northern lights holiday to Norway is easier than you think. Just read this first!

This guide will help you through from idea to tickets, hotels and activities step by step, enabling you to put together your very own northern lights trip. Or you might even find a package deal that fits the bill!


Package tour vs. booking your own

In recent years there has been an explosion of different northern lights holidays, northern lights cruises and activity breaks available to the UK market.


Browse northern lights package holidays.

There is something for everyone, from short breaks in Tromso with Husky sledding or packages including a stay at the famous Snorrisniva Igloo ice hotel in Alta, to longer cruises and activity holidays in the Arctic Circle.


And whereas some people will find it more convenient to book a ready made northern lights trip – putting one together yourself could save you money and also give you more flexibility.

Read our full guide on northern lights package holidays.

Or go straight to Nordic Visitor to find and book your perfect northern lights package.


The no hassle option of northern lights package holidays

With so many different packages to choose from, it is likely you will find something that suits you.

Booking a package deal means you wont have to think about booking activities well in advance (as long as they are included in the package). Popular northern lights activities such as northern lights guides, husky sledding and snowmobile safaris tend to get booked up quickly, especially in the high-season January-March.


On a package deal, you also don´t have to worry about airport pickups or transfers (if included), and most package deals with include breakfasts and some meals.


With the price level where it is in Norway, costs quickly add up. A taxi fare from the airport to the town centre in Tromso can easily cost you £25, a meal out £100+ and activities don´t come cheap either. There are obviously ways of travelling on a budget, but if you have a special holiday planned, make sure you add up all the costs beforehand. Read our Tromso on a shoestring guide.


Read more about what northern lights packages are out there, and book your perfect holiday today.


Create your very special northern lights holiday! All Nordic Visitor holidays can be customised and tailored to your needs, just fill in the customised booking form!


Save money by booking yourself

If you don´t mind the hassle of planning and booking everything yourself well in advance, putting together your own northern lights holiday can save you money.


The cheapest packages start at around £700 per person for a 4 day, 3 night break, without any activities included. This quickly sneaks up to £1,000+ for the longer deals which include things such as a night in the Alta Igloo Ice Hotel, a northern lights cruises or husky rides.

Flights, hotels and activities

However, on the booking it yourself budget it is likely you could save some money. Booking flights early, means you can get return flights from London to Tromso from as little as £120.  You can compare deals using the flight search box to the left.


Add the hotel at about £150 per night for a double room, and you see that a 3 night short break for two people sharing may cost you less than £350 per person. That leaves quite a few hundred pounds for activities and food compared with the package options. You can compare hotel and flight deals in the Expedia search box on the left.


Do bear in mind that a meal out for two with wine could easily set you back about £100-150, and that many of the activities cost quite a bit. So add up the likely costs and compare with what is included in a similar package deal.


A good option if you cannot find a package to suit you is to fill in the customised booking form at Nordic Visitor, and they will help you create the perfect northern lights holiday!

Go to our simple 5-step guide to putting together your own perfect northern ligths holiday.

Alternatively book a package. Read our guide to northern lights package holidays.


Northern lights activities and options

The benefit of the package holiday is that you have to do very little yourself when you get to the destination. Your itinerary is planned for you and you’ll be whisked off to various excursions and activities as they are stated in the program.


The flip side of that is that you lose some of the flexibility and might end up paying for activities you´d rather live without.


Booking northern lights activities yourself

It is fairly easy to book activities yourself if you would like to put together your own northern lights holiday. Just remember to book well in advance, especially if planning to visit in the high season between January and March.


If you’re heading to Tromso, read our guide to what to do in Tromso, or check out some of the providers’ websites listed below.


Most Norwegians have an excellent command of the English language, so communication is nearly always very straight forward.


However, if you’d like me to enquire on your behalf for any of the activities, or have any other questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Suggested Activities in the Tromso area

  • Husky dog sledding – Tromso Villmarkssenter: Phone +47 77 69 60 02
  • Reindeer sledding - Tromso Friluftsenter: Phone: +47. 90 01 78 81
  • Cross country ski and snowshoe hire – Tromso Natur og Fritid: Phone +47 77 65 66 79
  • Northern Lights Hunting (Joanna Lumley’s guide) - Kjetil Skogli, Aurora Photo: Phone: +47 90 73 75 52
  • Dog sledding tours - Arctic Adventure Tours: Phone +47 77 66 66 75
  • Ice fishing and snowmobile excursions -  Ramfjord Camping; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it : Phone +47 77 69 21 30
  • Arctic sea fishing - Arctic Fishing Adventures: Phone: +47 94 86 09 41
  • Local cuisine and northern lights hunting - Guide Gunnar: Phone +47 934 43 443
  • Traditional horse drawn sleigh rides - Holmeslet Farm: Phone +47 77 61 99 74
  • Aurora adventures, hunting, fishing and ice fishing - Kaafjord Tursenter: Phone +47 46 89 95 69
  • Excursions by reindeer, dog sledge, and snowmobile – Lyngsfjord Adventure: Phone +47 77 71 55 88
  • Northern Lights tours, ski tours, ice fishing and wilderness - Natur i Nord: Phone +47 77 66 73 66

Please remember to mention you found them through iGlobeTrotter.com when booking.

If you have any questions, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will do my best to help you.


When to go

The northern lights are visible from September to late March in Northern Norway. The rest of the year it is simply too much daylight to spot them.


Read our guide to when to see the northern lights or if the bright nights sounded appealing check out our Midnight Sun in Tromso guide.