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Written by Anette   
Monday, 29 November 2010 12:01

Gingerbread City opens in Bergen

With the world's largest city made of gingerbread opened in Bergen, Christmas has properly arrived in the Norwegian city.

There is no better place to get into the Christmas spirit than wandering around Bergen, all dressed up for Christmas.


The town square Christmas tree has been lit, together with the street decorations, but most importantly, the doors to the famous Gingerbread City has opened.


20 Year Anniversary

The gingerbread city celebrates its 20 anniversary this year, and children and parents from all over the region have baked and decorated houses to fill the city with gingerbread houses.


Schools, organisations and businesses have donated their own creations, everything from churches to oil rigs.


This year's city is the biggest in history, possibly due to the media frenzy that ensued after one man's drunken rampage in the city last year.


Gingerbread Mayhem

Last year, Bergen woke up to find someone had broken into the city and smashed up all the houses in a drunken rampage.


The news was met with widespread shock and anger and was covered extensively by the national and even international media.


The remorseful culprit turned himself in after a couple of days, but was allowed to remain anonymous in fear of repercussions from angry gingerbread lovers.


See the Amazing Gingerbread City in Bergen

You can visit the gingerbread city in Bergen town centre up until 31 December.


Find holidays to Bergen.


See another video of the gingerbread city at bt.no.