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Weather Tromso

Sunrise : 01.01.1970 00:00   Sunset : 01.01.1970 00:0000:00
Thursday 01.01.1970
0°C from north-northeast
, m/s, , . mm.
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Rules for camping in the wild in Norway

  • The use of motorised vehicles in the wild in Norway is for the most part prohibited
  • Make sure to park your vehicle legally and without limiting through traffic
  • Camping at roadside picnic areas in Norway is prohibited. They are meant for short stays only
  • Be aware of special regulations for nature resevoirs and national parks
  • Take care and follow special rules when camping in areas near drinking water sources.
  • Show consideration to other people and animals in the area
  • It is illegal to pull plants up with the root as well as cutting down trees. Do not cut off branches from healthy trees.
  • Make sure to take any rubbish and tidy after yourself – littering is illegal.
  • Disposeable bbqs must never be left in the nature. Take care when bbq-ing in the dry summer months.
  • Use public toilets where possible
  • Take care with bonfires. In the period from 15th April to 15th September bonfires are illegal.
  • The law also stipulates that you have to be at least 150m from the nearest house or outbuilding.

Happy camping!