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Driving in Norway

Driving in Norway is for the most part easy and relaxing. Here are a few rules and regulations you have to follow when driving in Norway:

  • We drive on the right side of the road. You’ll probably find it easier if you do too. Keep this in mind when coming out from parking lots, petrol stations and when approaching roundabouts.
  • Drink driving is a serious offence in Norway and have the strictest laws on the issue in Europe. The limit for driving is at only 0.1milligrams of alcohol per mililitre of blood – so even a single pint will take you straight over the limit. Bear this in mind ‘the morning after’, as you may still be way over the limit from the night before. You could face a heavy fine, loosing your license or even imprisonment.
  • Seat belts are mandatory everywhere in Norway, both in the front and back seats and you will get fined if found without. Fines are issued on the spot.
  • Radars and controls are held often, especially on stretches of road where you would like to put your foot down. Fines are issued on the spot.
  • Using a mobile phone without hands free is illegal in Norway. Fines are issued on the spot.
  • You have to keep your registration documents and drivers’ license in the car. Failure to show a valid driving license is also fined on the spot in Norway.
  • When driving in Norway you always have to have your dipped headlights on – even if it is mid-summer and very bright. Most Norwegian cars will  turn the lights on and off automatically with the ignition.
  • Children under 4 must sit in an appropriate seat and wear seat belts.

Necessary equipment:

  • Fire extinguisher: advised, but not compulsory
  • First-aid kit: advised, but not compulsory
  • Country sticker: compulsory
  • Lights: Dipped headlights are a MUST also during the day
  • Motorcycle: Drivers and passenger helmets are compulsory
  • Insurance: Third-party insurance is compulsory
  • Replacement bulbs: advised, but not compulsory
  • Visibility vests: Compulsory for all passengers
  • Warning triangle: Compulsory
  • Winter tyres: Not compulsory for cars registered outside of the country, but highly recommended