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What attracts you about Northern Norway?

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Eating out in TromsoTerrace beers in Tromso

People from over 120 countries live in Tromso, and the food reflects this. You find restaurants offering food from all over the world, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Mexican to name a few.

There are plenty of amazing fish and seafood to be had, as well as local delicacies as reindeer or, for the less politically correct, whale or seal.


Where to Eat in Tromso

it can be difficult to know where to go for your meal whenever you are in a new city.

Here are a few pointers to help you in the right direction in Tromso.

High End Restaurants in Tromso

Emmas Drommekjokken

This is Norwegian cooking at its best and in our opinion the best restaurant in Tromso.

This tiny restaurant is a real gourmet feast, serving up local delicacies such as reindeer and lutefisk. Expect to pay between £30 and £35 for a main course.


Compagniet is another top class restaurant in Tromso, and also one of the oldest. They have an extensive wine list and serves up local specialities such as reindeer and halibut. Expect to pay between £25 and £30 for a main course.

De 4 Roser

This restaurant opened in Tromso in 2009 and is the second one of its kind, the other you will find in Harstad. They serve up gourmet dishes such as fillet of deer and baked halibut. Expect to pay about £30-35 for a main course.


Both Emmas and De Fire Roser have cheaper and more laid back cafe's downstairs, where you can eat for about half the price, although obviously not off the same menu.


Cheap Eats in Tromso

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but it is still possible to eat well without breaking the bank.

Blaa Rock

Blaa Rock is Tromso's favourite rock bar/pub. Visiting the bar is an attraction itself, with all the rock memorabilia hanging off the walls. The also do some of the best burgers in Tromso - if not Norway. A burger costs about £9-£12.


This is Pizza like you have never had it before. But - oh so good! Try the legendary Tako (minced beef, chinese cabbage and 'special sauce') or the Manzanillo (with jalapenos and tortilla chips and garlic sauce). A maxi pizza costs about £30 but will feed three hungry people.

Il Mare

This restaurant serves everything from Sushi to pasta. They have a large menu with dishes to suit everyone. At lunchtime they have a sushi special to a good price, and in the evening offer cheap options for dinner. Expect to pay about £11-19 for a main course.

What to Eat in Tromso

The Freshest Seafood

In Tromso you will get the freshest seafood – cod, haddock, and prawns. You can even buy straight off the boat when they are in on the pier by the main town square. Try a warm Norwegian fish cake – straight in the hand from the fishmonger. None of that breaded stuff – and beats a hot dog any day!

if you are in Tromso in the run-up to Christmas, it is worth trying the Norwegian speciality - lutefisk.

Sweetest Strawberries

It is also a known fact that veggies and fruits grown in the midnight sun gets extra tasty. Not being able to grow things like apples and pears in the gardens in Tromso is all worth it when you taste how amazingly sweet the strawberries ripened in sun 24hrs a day are. An absolute must if you are in Tromso around August.

Succulent Reindeer

Reindeer is the Sami people’s staple food. Lucky them.. Reindeer tastes a little like deer – naturally – but has an added taste of wilderness about it. Try it in the traditional creamed lappebiff, with lingonberries and mash, or splash out on a succulent medallion steak.

Whale Burgers Anyone?

Eating whale is something many people outside Norway shiver at the thought of. In Tromso it is perfectly normal. Not wanting to get into a massive political discussion, all I can say it is a mix between a beef steak and a tuna steak –and is really quite delicious.

The Local Brew

Another must when in Tromso is the ‘Mack Ol og Maasegg’ (beer and seagull eggs). A great tradition in Tromso, the beer from the local brewery, Mack, and hardboiled seagull eggs is something which Tromso is widely known for. Possibly not the most tempting, but still – it is one of those things to write home about…

A Word of Warning...

If ever feeling the need for a little midnight snack on a night out in Tromso – steer clear of the kebabs! In my opinion you might as well eat dogfood out of a pitta. Opt for the locals’ favourite – the poelse (hot dog). The petrol station at the far South of the city has loads of varieties, and you can even have a prawn-mayo topping on your hot dog! If you’re lucky, queue chats often result in invitations to local after parties.