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Getting to Tromso and around


Tromso is one of the easiest northern lights destinations to get to from elsewhere in Europe.

As Tromso is becoming a popular spot for northern lights holidays, cruises and weekend breaks, the city is getting more and more direct connections than before.

Getting there

You can get to Tromso by car, boat, plane, and bus – but not train.

Norwegian train lines stop in Bodo, and the Swedish lines end in Narvik – approximately 4 hours by car from Tromso.

Flights to Tromso

Whilst there are no direct flights to Tromso from Europe at the moment (there was a direct flight from London, but it has been cancelled) - there are numerous daily flights from Oslo where you can fly in from many international destinations. 

Flight time from Oslo is approximately 2 hours.

The airport is located on the island, only a ten minute drive from the town centre.

Find flights to Tromso using the search box on the left, or read more about flights to Tromso.

Driving to Tromso


Norway is a long country; hence driving to Tromso from the south does take days.

But – if you have the time it is an absolutely stunning trip - of just over 1,600km (1,000miles).

Read more about driving to Tromso.

Trains to Tromso


Another scenic option is to take the train from Oslo or Trondheim to Bodo, and then catch a bus from there.

Again, this takes time, so if you only have a few days to spare, air travel is probably the most sensible option.

Cruises to Tromso - To Tromso by Boat


Hurtigruten, which recently featured in the BBC series Coast, is known as one of the most beautiful cruise trips in the world.

It takes 5 days from Bergen and will take you through the Geirangerfjord and the Lofoten Islands on its way north.

Tromso is also one of the busiest cruise ports in Norway, with many visiting cruises in the summer season.

Read more about cruises to Tromso or find a northern lights cruise.

Getting around

To make the most of Tromso and what’s on offer, it can be handy to hire a car in Tromso. Most activities and excursions will pick you up in town and take you back again, but if you like a bit of exploring a rental car will give you more flexibility.

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Traffic in Tromso is sparse, but roads outside of town can be of poor quality and often there are sheep and reindeer in the road. So be careful when driving and stick to the speed limits. In town, watch out for pedestrians! The people of Tromso are extremely prone to walking out in to the road without looking first.Read more driving tips for Norway.


Local buses run a good service, and can also take you to most of the areas of interest. But make sure to check the timetables, as in the more remote areas there might only be a few departures per day.


Travelling to nearby areas such as Lyngen, Lofoten, Harstad and Alta is easily done by Wideroe flights (compare deals in the search box on the left), by regional buses and ferries.

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The town centre is absolutely manageable by foot, so there is no need for bus passes or taxis to get around.

A taxi from the airport to the town centre will cost about 150-200NOK, or you can take the airport bus for 45NOK one way. Bus number 40 and 42 also go between the airport and the town centre.