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Sunrise : 01.01.1970 00:00   Sunset : 01.01.1970 00:0000:00
Thursday 01.01.1970
0°C from north-northeast
, m/s, , . mm.
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Midnight Sun in Tromso

Midnattsol_FjellheisenFrom the 20st May through to the 22nd July the sun does not set in Tromso.

The whole sun is above the horizon in this period, but the weeks before after these days it still doesn’t get dark at all in Tromso.

On nice days this is absolutely fantastic. Albeit a bit hard to sleep – but then again, who needs sleep when you can sit on the beach in the sun at 3am in the morning?

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Festivals, Concerts and Sleepless Nights

In Tromso the midnight sun period is celebrated in many ways. We have the Midnight Sun Marathon in June, where runners race at night, the Midnight Concerts in the Arctic Cathedral is well worth a visit, and the Bukta open air rock festival celebrate this fantastic time of year with artists from around the world playing on a stage set on the beach.

Cable Car in Tromso

A trip up to Floya with the cable car is compulsory - the view of the sun and the city is amazing. And - remember to bring sunglasses if you go out in the evening!

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Unfortunately, the midnight sun doesn’t mean we have Mediterranean temperatures though. Being on the coast – and not to mention almost at 70 degrees north – summer can be both cold and rainy. On good days the temperature can hit about 25 degrees, which is warmer than most people would think considering the location, but be prepared – 10 degrees and rain is far from abnormal! Even if it is cloudy it still stays light and people in Tromso are known to brave the elements to sit outside with a beer and a blanket.


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The Bukta open air festival