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Nightlife in Tromso

summer skarvenAny day of the week you can find bars full of people partying, but you have to know when and where. People in Tromso follow the drinks-specials.

Don’t be alarmed if you head for a big night out and find all the bars and nightclubs deserted at 10.30pm. Due to hefty alcohol prices locals tend to have a few drinks at home first, and head out later. On Saturdays things don’t really get going until midnight.


On weekdays and Sundays most bars, nightclubs and cafes stay open until 2.00am and on Fridays and Saturdays until 3.30am.


More detailed reviews of the bars of Tromso will follow, but as price is a big issue when it comes to alcohol in Norway, I will give the best specials tips to start with.


Every Day

Specials aside, the most original place to drink in Tromso is without a doubt Ølhallen, the Beer Hall, and is well worth a pint. In the same building as the local Mack brewery it opened its doors in 1928. The décor has barely changed since then, with the exception of adding a ladies toilet in the 70’s. It is open between 9am and 5pm. Yes, that’s right.


Another favourite in the Summer is Skarven. It is the best place to enjoy a beer outside, and they even have blankets and patio heaters for chilly evenings.


One of the most well known bars in Norway, Blå Rock is a true rockers café. Great burgers and lots of band memorabilia – not to mention the ‘blue Monday’ special price pint (currently 39kr). Blå Rock is also one of the few places that sells beer in 0.5l glasses – most places they are served as 0.4l.


Possibly the quietest day, but if you’re a students get discounts at Artur, a café come bar which gets busy most nights. Nightclub Strut also do specials on Tuesdays


On Wednesdays people head to Circa. They do a special on bottles of wine, and people have come to think of Wednesdays as the second best night of the week to go out (after Saturdays). So if you’re in town, Wednesdays are good many places, but Circa is among the best.


On Thursdays it is Meieriet’s turn to offer cheap beer. They normally have djs and dancing.


Less busy than you might think, possibly due to the lack of any great drinks specials. During term-time the student bar, Driv, offers specials to students and gets busy most nights.


You don’t have the specials, but people go out in large numbers nonetheless. Busy everywhere from about midnight.


Most people will be recovering from the night before, but sitting in cafes playing board games etc. is popular. Solid has specials on bottles of wine.