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You´ve booked your holiday and you´re almost ready to go, but have you remembered everything?

These guides are here to help you pack for any holiday - be it essential must-haves or cool gadgets don´t leave home without reading our what to pack guides.

telemarkingWhat to pack for a skiing holiday

Top things to bring on a ski holiday, must-have gear and clothing, gadgets and coool stuff for the slopes.

campinglifeWhat to pack for a camping holiday

Great ideas for what to pack for that camping adventure.

Jakten NordlysetWhat to pack for a northern lights holiday

What to bring for your Aurora hunting holiday in the Arctic Circle.

BoblebadWhat to pack for a honeymoon

Tips on what to pack for the big holiday after the big day!




These guides will not give you a full list of everything you ought to bring for your holiday, and we won´t mention things like underwear and socks. What we aim to focus on are those things people may not realise they need for a particular holiday.