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What to pack for a camping holiday

Whether you are planning a holiday in a tent or a caravan, don´t forget packing these camping holiday essentials.

Here are our top 10 list for what to pack on a camping holiday.

Camping Essentials

Don´t leave home without these camping holiday must-haves. We assume you´ll remember the tent, your clothes and various other bits and bobs. This guide is more for those things you might not realise you´ll need.

Spare Pegs

A really important camping rule is to always have spare tent pegs. Pegs have a tendency to magically disappear, so bringing a stash of spares is a really good idea.

Appropriate Sleeping Bag

Anyone who has ever been to a festival or gone camping in their summer sleeping bag knows the value of investing in a decent sleeping bag. A good 3-season bag will fit most needs, even on those chilly rainy nights.

Camping Chairs

You may think this is unnecessary, but being able to sit down in a comfy chair is a real luxury when camping. Grab one with a place for your drink too.

Mattress and Pump

You´ll not survive many nights in a tent without one. Especially when waking up with a stone shaped dent in your bum.


The nature of camping is that you are out in the air most of the time. Remember that the sun burns even when overcast, so make sure you´ve brought enough sunscreen.

Camping Stove

Even if you´re more prone to heading to the pub or a restaurant for you meals, being able to rustle up a nice cuppa in the morning is a real treat. The tablet based ones are super small and light, and while they work great for boiling some water, you might want to invest more if you´re planning to cook up a feast.

First Aid Kit

A must for the camping holiday bag – you need a well stocked first air kit to do with any small cuts or scratches, insect bites or other minor injuries.

Flip Flops

Don´t forget a pair of waterproof flip flops or bathing shoes to wear in the showers of campsites. The best way to avoid verrucas.

Multi-tool Penknife

The camper´s best friend! Open a can of beans, cut the bread, open the bottle of wine and the list goes on. Make sure you bring a well stocked leatherman, swiss-army knife or pen knife.

Mosquito Repellents

Being outside day and night you´re a potential feast for the mozzies. Stock up on spray, coils and repellents before you get bitten.

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