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What to pack for a honeymoon

With everything else that needs planning ahead of the big day, it is easy to forget packing for your honeymoon.

In this guide you´ll find tips on the top 10 things to bring on your honeymoon vacation, be it to the Maldives or the northern lights.


This list is made up of handy things that are easy to forget – not a list of your clothes. And there are a few items you would want to bring on your honeymoon which you may not bring on any other holiday. Plan ahead and buy in good time before the big day.


Top 10 things to pack for your honeymoon

Here are our top ten list of things to put in your suitcase when honeymooning.


You may have hired a photographer or friend to take all the photos on your big day – but on the honeymoon you´re all on your own. And honeymoon snaps are definitely one for the albums, so it is worth investing in a good quality, easy to use camera that can deal with some rough treatment. There are many great cameras out there now which take great photos – even under water!



You planned your underwear to perfection ahead of the big day – but it probably ended up coming off pretty swiftly.. On your honeymoon you have time to really enjoy each other and take your time – so some fancy lace is a must in any honeymoon suitcase.


Diarrhoea relief, antihistamines and other drugs

Nothing will be a bigger disaster than a serious bout of travel tummy or an allergic reaction on your honeymoon. So come prepared and nip it in the bud by bringing immodioum tablets and antihistamines, flu capsules and paracetamol with you from home.


Money belt

There is nothing more annoying than having your passport, money or credit cards stolen when on holiday – and even more so on your honeymoon. To keep safe avoid flashing valuable jewellery (leave that big rock at home), and don´t keep all your money and cards in the same place. Make use of hotel safety boxes and when on the move put your passport, money and cards in a moneybelt under your clothes. Better safe than sorry!


Light-weight daypack

On your honeymoon you are likely to engage in a few activities, trips and tours, so a small daypack to fit your swimming costume, a towel and the camera in is a great thing to put in your suitcase. Go for one which folds up easily and that doesn´t take up much space.


Deck of cards or travel games

For most modern couples the honeymoon isn´t the same as it might have been 30 or 40 years ago. You will probably want to spend some time doing things outside of the bedroom, and perhaps even want to spend some time reading a book rather than gaze lovingly into the eyes of your husband for two weeks straight. Bringing a magnetic travel game such as backgammon or ludo, or just a pack of cards, is really handy, especially if your flight is delayed.


Travel adapter

In today´s technological world we all have at least 3-4 gadgets which need regular charging. Mobile phones, ipods, ipads, laptops and epilators. And whilst by no means we would recommend bringing the Blackberry on your honeymoon, a plug socket converter should definitely make the packing list.



Imagine having to spend the first week of your honeymoon sleeping on your stomach because you forgot to lather up and fell asleep on the sunbed? Don´t underestimate the sun and protect yourself with a high factor SFP.


Insect repellent

Your honeymoon is not the time for finding more pleasure in scratching your bites than cuddling up to your new husband or wife. Beat the mozzies to it and bring some good quality repellent with DEET.



This is easy to forget, especially after all the wedding planning. But make sure you´ve planned ahead and thought about contraception – at least if you´re not planning to make babies just yet.


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