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What to pack for a skiing holiday

Whether you are going to the Alps, Norway or Canada skiing this year – there are a few suitcase must-haves you don´t want to forget.

This article will not tell you to bring a toothbrush and clean underwear – as we assume you may want to have that anyway. But there are a few other essentials which are easy to forget when packing your skiing holiday suitcase.


Top Skiing Holiday Essentials

You´ll regret leaving home without these skiing holiday essentials.

1) Thermals

A good set of thermal underwear is probably the most important item you should have in your suitcase. These will keep you warm and dry all day – without needing layers and layers on top. A great investment.

2) Ski Socks

It might sound crazy but skiing socks can really make or break a skiing holiday. Invest in a decent pair or two to avoid literally freezing your nails off and to avoid blisters.

3) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are even more important on the slopes than on the beach. The snow reflects sun rays and can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Go for a pair with high quality lenses and 100% UV protection.

4) Goggles

Goggles are another way to protect your eyes from the sun and snow. They are a must-have in flat light and when it´s snowing. Invest in a decent pair – with goggles you really get what you pay for.

5) Helmet

Becoming the norm in most ski resorts, helmets are fast turning into a fashionable and life saving accessory on the slopes. Accidents happen – even for the most skilled skier – so think with your head and invest in a helmet. Helmets are a must for people learning to snowboard – trust me!

6) Blister Plasters

One of those things you will be SO glad you thought of packing. A pack of Compeed plasters will save your skiing holiday from ill-fitting rental boots.

7) Gloves/Mittens

One of the most commonly forgotten items, and probably the reason ski resorts only stock super-expensive brands at even more inflated prices. Gloves are good, but mittens are warmer.

8) Sunscreen

Again, the sun is a greater danger in the mountains than on the beach, so make sure you´ve packed a high factor sunscreen for your face. If not to protect yourself from cancer and wrinkles – then at least to avoid coming home with the panda-face goggle marks.

9) Camera

You´re going to want to take loads of photos on top of the mountains, action shots on the slopes, in the after ski and when tucking into that huge cheese fondue. Invest in a camera which takes great photos, but that can also take a couple of falls and moisture as well as tucking nicely into your coat pockets.

10) Plug Adaptor

Keep your mobile and ipod alive throughout your holiday by remembering to pack a travel adapter for your electrical appliances.

11) Ski Lock

Leaving skis outside bars and chalets is the norm in most ski resorts, however theft is becoming a problem. Most thefts can be avoided by simply making your gear a little harder to take than the skis next to yours. Buy a retractable combination cable and simply fix them to the post before giving in to happy hour in after ski.

Top 10 Cool Skiing Gadgets

Show off to your friends and family with these super-cool skiing gadgets!

1) GPS Helmet Camera

Create your very own snowboard movie with this super-cool GPS helmet camera from Contour. It records HD video and also records speed, altitude and location.

2) GPS Goggles

Upgrade your goggles in true James Bond style – these will not only protect your eyes from the mountain elements, but also record, speed, distance and GPS cordinates in the goggle window!

3) Helmet with sound system

Listen to your favourite music in the lift or when wizzing down the slopes (just be careful on the slopes!) The helmet plugs straight into your ipod or mp3 player.

4) Pocket Weather Meter

Check weather conditions, wind, and altitude with this handy pocket weather meter.

5) Heated Insoles

If you are prone to cold feet, these heated insoles will change your life. No more cold feet!

6) Heated Gloves

Same goes for the heated gloves!

7) Two-way Radios

Don´t lose your friends on the slopes and keep in touch without expensive international mobile calls. A couple of small walkie talkies are all you need. These have 10km range and fit nicely in your pocket.

8) Avalanche Transceiver

If you like a bit of off-piste action, don´t underestimate the value of investing in a bit of extra safety gear, such as this avalanche transceiver which would make you easy to locate should you get caught in an avalanche.

9) Wristguards

If you are learning to snowboard, bringing a couple of wristguards is a really good idea, just ask my friend who broke both her wrists on the second day!

10) Ski and Pole Carrier

Carry your skis in style and without all the hassle – this little gadget will be envied!


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