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What to pack for a northern lights holiday

You´ve booked your holiday to hunt for the northern lights – but what shall you bring? Here are a few essentials you should not leave home without.

Assuming you realise you´re going to need normal clothes and toiletries, this list is made up of things you might forget – or simply didn´t know you´ll want to have for your northern lights holiday.

Top 10 Northern Light Holiday Packing Essentials

Don´t leave home without these top 10 northern lights holiday essentials in your bag.

Thermal Underwear

Hunting for the northern lights requires you to spend a lot of time outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. All the Norwegians are wearing them, and so should you.

Heated In-Soles

Yes, this is all about keeping warm. These fantastic heated insoles will keep you warm even on the coldest nights.

Heated Gloves

The same goes for gloves. Imagine not having cold fingers!

Travel Adapter

In Norway we have European standard plug sockets, so don´t forget to pack a converter plug for your ipod or mobile phone charger.


You´ll be heading to the Arctic in the dark season, so it is going to be dark. Pack a torch, just in case.

Face Cream

In the cold our skin gets really dry. It is important to use a fatty cream to protect from wind and cold.

Ice Studs for your Shoes

These are an absolute life saver, and you will see everyone wearing them on top of their normal shoes when the roads are icy – which they generally are in winter. Really easy to pack and put on any shoe.

Travel Alarm Clock

The dark season makes it really hard to wake up naturally, as you body clock wants to sleep sleep sleep. Pack a small travel alarm clock to ensure you don´t miss breakfast.


You will see kids and grownups alike wearing these handy little cloth tubes all over town. Wear them as a scarf and head piece under your beanie to stop that bitterly cold wind from getting in your neck.

Camera for Photographing the Northern Lights

Taking pictures of the northern lights is not as straight forward as you might think. Read our guide to photographing the northern lights for tips on techniques and equipment.